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Data Science Edmonton - What the Heck is a Neural Network

Link to google collab from Data Science Edmonton meetup

Detecting Cuda Architecture required by CMake using NVCC

Documentation on how to detect cuda compute capability from within a CMake script.

Installing OpenAI's Gym & Universe

Documentation on how to build and install OpenAI's Universe and getting started with their starter agent.

Installing GPU Supported Tensorflow w/ Ubuntu 16.04

Documentation on how to build and install GPU or CPU supported TensorFlow from source for Ubuntu 16.04 using either Anaconda or native Python.

Installing Cuda Toolkit & cudDNN w/ Ubuntu 16.04

Documentation on how to install nVidia drivers, nVidia toolkit and cudNN using Ubuntu 16.04.

Deep Policy Gradients w/ Tensorflow

Training an agent to play the doom health pickup challenge

Visualizing convolutional neural networks

Building convnets from scratch with TensorFlow and TensorBoard.

Introduction to reinforcement learning and OpenAI Gym

A demonstration of solving basic reinforcement learning problems with Q-learning.

Not another MNIST tutorial with TensorFlow

An informative, visual, and interactive MNIST tutorial.